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There's more than one way to skin the cyber cat... By leveraging the use of a varied set of technologies we make sure that our software is only limited by your imagination.

Our toolbox contains a mixed bag of software and techniques ranging from those with roots firmly within the open source movement to ones happy to live within the ether of commercial technologies. We make sure we get our electronic five-a-day and pass the e-nutrition onto you.

Due to our "software without limits" approach a full list of all the software we use would be too long and too boring, so we'll just include some of our favourites...

For the web we love the power, flexibility, and portability of PHP which often joins forces with MySQL (but not always) as a database back end.

A key addition to this pair would be the combination of Javascript and XML - coming together to reinvent the web with AJAX. AJAX allows different parts of a page to change without requiring a total reload and can be attributed to providing a much richer user experience than was possible before.

Supporting these technologies may be some additional server-side scripting such as Perl or Python, but always lurking behind the scenes is HTML (or XHTML).

For desktop development we love the power and robustness provided by C# (and it's underlying framework - open source or not). C# is often combined with a database for data storage ranging from powerful multi-user relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as MySQL, MSSQL, to the simple beauty of SQLite. When the need drives us we also put C and C++ to work.

There is, however, often an overlap. For example we have used C# for dedicated web services and other server management utilities including synchronisation between different systems which sometimes implement completely different encryption algorithms.

Our software can be developed for both or either Linux or Windows based operating systems. Our primary development environment is Linux (specifically Debian) as we love the power and flexibility provided by this free operating system.

We can't put it better ourselves, so to quote...

Code is poetry.

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